New Book – Cover design

This afternoon, I was excited to see my new book cover for the first time!

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.59.19

“Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” will be out in Springtime 2018. The massive book, 14 months in the making tells the definitive story of all the buildings on the south side of Glasgow Road from Springwell to Priory Bridge, through all time. Every business, every shop peppered with stories about the people who lived there, their homes and events that made news from the 17th Century until the present day. You’ve seen a lot on this site, but many stories have been held back to exclusively appear in the book.

At 635 pages, and 2 inches thick, it contains an epic 187,300 words, twice that of any of my previous books.

It’s heavily illustrated too, with an incredible 434 high resolution images, each double checked, each with permitted source referenced and procured to ensure the best quality. Indeed, there are more Blantyre images in this book than in ANY other previously published Blantyre book ever!

I appreciate such a large book may attract only the interest of the most dedicated Blantyre history fans. Whilst the price should be around £13 or £14, a return to much more affordable, smaller books will be made by myself throughout the rest of 2018.

More details about the book launch event will be available in February.

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