Presentation to Dr Curran



In Blantyre Drill Hall on Saturday 18th June 1927, Dr J. T. Curran was at a social gathering of the Girl Guides and Rovers and was presented with two framed photographs of the Guides and Rovers. Up until a time shortly before that, Dr Curran was assistant to the more well known Dr J. C. Wilson. 

He also received a photographic group of the committee who assisted him in two comedy reviews, of which he was the author. Dr Curran left to go to Girvan.

Speaking of photos of the Guides, this photo is of the Girl Guides at Blantyre Old Parish Church, Main Street.

Pictured in a later decade about 1956 some of the names are known, but hopefully you can help me with those still unidentified. Top row left to right: Margaret Buchanan, ?, ?, Lotty Carter. Bottom to left to right: Moira Anderson, Helen Wright, Margaret MacFarlane, Yvonne Prior.

Partly from “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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