Thomas Denholm & The Moores at Greenhall


1905 Greenhall Coachman Thomas Denholm & The Moores. Shared by Marion Turner

1905 Greenhall Coachman Thomas Denholm & The Moores. Shared by Marion Turner

This remarkable photo is unseen on the Internet until now. This is the front of Greenhall House, High Blantyre around 1905.

The former grand home is pictured along with Thomas Denholm, the coach driver. The man up front is Colonel J Wardrop Moore, owner of Greenhall, his family behind in the carriage.

When Marion Turner of Australia kindly shared this photo with me, the date was unknown, but I have been able to work out it is 1905 or so. Little Miss Nora Moore is pictured in the carriage looking about 5 years old or so, and I knew that she was born in 1900. A photo in Strothers directory of Miss Moore in 1912, also confirms she looked about 12 in the directory photo.

The 1905 date is likely, as Thomas Denholm had moved with his family to Australia by 1910. Thomas was the grandfather of Marion Turner. She told me recently, “My Mother did tell me that Col Moore took my Grandfather to Ireland with him to look at horses.  This is in keeping with your comment about Col Moore’s passion for horses.”. Mr Moore, was the mastermind behind the arch you see in High Blantyre on the kirkyard wall. Greenhall House is now no longer there, demolished in May 1967.

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Nick Rice Good grief it is amazing how many similarities there are between Marion’s family and my own. The first of my family to be connected with Greenhall was Thomas McWilliam who was a coachman there. His brother (my great great grandfather) was also a member of the curling team. My Great grandfather John McWilliam was born there. Also my family emigrated to Australia as well.

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