Blantyre 1970s outing to Distilliery

A Blantyre outing of to Blair Atholl Distillery. Likely to be in the 1970’s. Do you recognise anybody in this photo or perhaps know what the occasion actually was?

1970s bells wm

1970s Bells Outing with Billy Gallacher

This prompted a great response on social media:

Carole Mackie Rickard I like how they’re all so smartly dressed. My wee papa wore a shirt and tie often, even when not working

Moyra Lindsay I think I have a photo similar to this one , my dad is in it. It was Blantyre Bowling Club visiting Bells. Billy Gallagher was working for Bells at that time and arranged these visits. I think he was still playing for Blantyre Vics at that time too. Dad thought a lot of Billy.

Thomas Barrett My dads in this.

Maggie Tallis Iv got this photo ma Dad Davie Tallis in the front row way a think it’s joe walker x

Thomas Barrett That’s right moyra Billy would organise visits to the distillery for clubs n pubs from Blantyre.

Alan Murdoch Tommy McKeown under the bells sign

Jean Orr Robert Feelie, Willie Murray, Joe Walker it looks like a Vics trip x

Tracy Brown Karen Feelie think your da’s in this picture. I’d recognise that hands in pocket stance anywhere xx

Tom McGuigan Frank Brogan at the back

Karen Feelie He sure is Tracy thanks and Maggie Tallis is there your wee da at the front X

Maggie Tallis I’m sure that’s big john mcarroll tae next to the bells sign x

Karen Feelie Pauline Feelie look at this pic of my da X

Karen Feelie Is that Eddie Thomas at the end X

Mary Wm Mbanugo Sure is never changed lol x

Maggie Tallis A think it is karen and the guy in the middle way curly hair is Robert a canny mind his second name x

Karen Feelie And Jim black is in it how old do a feel lol X

Jean Orr Could be Karen also Jim Black x

Tracy Brown that’s who I thought it was too x

Karen Feelie Mary Wm Mbanugo look at this pic can you help uses out your do and uncle Hugh is in it X

Mary Wm Mbanugo Old makes me feel ancient lol jim black big eddie,Billy Gallagher ,giro I think as well xx

Gerry Walker I remember Billy Gallagher bringing the Scottish Junior Cup round to our primary in 1970

Davy Starrs big eddie thomas far right.the good old days.

Julia William McGovern Peter McMahon

Harry Mcadam I worked for bells in the early 70s and for promotion purposes they would invite clubs for a day out at their distilleries where you would get a walk round,a buffet and a sample of their various whiskies.

Davy Starrs and i played the box up at livingstone where you were a cooper.

Caroline Kilgour Billy Gallagher is under the Bells sign

Jim Docherty Yes, I recognise quite a few of the drunken bastards……! wink emoticon

Alan Baird mr gibson 6th from the right at the front

Pauline Feelie Jean your dad is in this as well big snowy underneath the tree xx

Jan Ette Brown is the 1 at the front kneeling down 2nd left Gav Brownlee ?

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