Ronald Paterson Wilson of Parkville

1935 Ronald Paterson Wilson (of Parkville) and members of West Sussex Police

1935 Ronald Paterson Wilson (of Parkville) and members of West Sussex Police

Mr Ronald Paterson Wilson, son of Dr John Cowan Wilson, Parkville, Blantyre, was appointed Chief Constable of West Sussex on 1st January 1935. When the vacancy occurred Mr Wilson was living at his parents’ house (now, the front of the Parkville Pub) and in 1934 when he heard of the position, had newly arrived home to Blantyre form leave in India.

He had been working as a police officer there as District Police Superintendent. He was born at Blantyre in 1897, and was educated at Glasgow High School. Before he was eighteen he joined the Seaforth Highlanders, and was on active service in France for three years during WW1, escaping the horror of suffering any body injury. He held the rank of lieutenant when he was demobilised. Perhaps unable to live in his well known doctor father’s shadow, he had sought a career away from Blantyre.

He served in the police in that area from 1935 until his retirement in 1964, and during the course of his career, made his family proud, by attaining an OBE in the 1952 New Years Honours list. Pictured here in 1935 upon his appointment is West Sussex Chief Constable Captain Ronald Patterson Wilson, with members of the Mounted Section upon the appointment of the position. Captain Wilson was the fourth military officer to hold this appointment. West Sussex Constabulary didn’t own any horses, but they often hired up to nine horses for special occasions.

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