1978 The Priory Bar, Logan Street

Two photos of some guys hanging around outside the Priory Bar at the Priory Place Building, (which was at the bottom of Logan Street) Blantyre. These photos are from Summer 1978 and I’m sure will bring back some memories to many people. At first I was going to say they look like they’re outside for a smoke, but actually back then, nobody would have felt the need to leave the pub to light up! I’ve zoomed in a little on one photograph, so hopefully somebody will recognise the young men, and the older gent too.

To a younger generation reading this, the road you see in the foreground is Glasgow Road. The road leading off past the pub is now the exit from Asda leading back on to Glasgow Road, which has now vacant ground to the right. The Bar is of course no longer there and now also vacant ground. The pub was demolished not long after these photos were taken.

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  • Gary Doonin Priory Bar then demolished late 78 early 79
  • James Connolly Bill Kelly in the light coloured shirt,his brother Henry in the brown jacket,back to camera.
    Michael Mcginley the tall one in the white shirt James Mcguire took a lot of photos around blantyre

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