1953 Coronation Day at Bairds Rows

1953 Coronation Party at Bairds Rows

1953 Coronation Party at Bairds Rows

Pictured here on 2nd June 1953 outside the first row at  Bairds Rows, near Craighead, is Coronation day. Local families having a real good outside party, celebrating the royal occasion, with a bonfire in full force.

All the children in the Rows were awarded a badge of some sort – like a wee rosette which was blue and gold in colour – I wonder if anyone still has one of these?

Do you have any memories of Coronation day? On social media:

  • Elizabeth Weaver I think the council presented all school pupils with a wee gold badge and a coronation mug. I vaguely remember a councillor coming to the school (Auchinraith) to present them. As many folk did, my parents bought a television for the event – a wee black and white Philips number – which sat in the corner of the room, hidden under a genteel lace cloth when not in use. It was about the only time I remember having the neighbours round – people were friendly with neighbours in Victoria St but tended not to visit each other – and our mother baked batches of scones and cakes, made sandwiches and a red table jelly in the shape of a rabbit. Not sure why it was rabbit-shaped but it looked good and pleased the children. We were no royalists in our family but I suppose it was the television which caught everyone’s interest; it seemed amazing to be able to see the event, live, in your living room. My brother Brian Weaver and I were also given a wee gold coach and horses to play with. Oh, and a day off school for everyone, too I suppose. All in all, good memories, but it was the novelty of the television and the house full of neighbours which made it significant.
  • Patricia Hutcheson Docherty Yes my father and mother bought a TV and all the neighbours were in the house to watch the coronation
  • Moyra Lindsay Same here!
  • Margaret Duncan Does anyone remember the Brogan family from Bairds Rows – Peter, the youngest is my father?
  • Alex Moore T.v.s were so expensive at time very very few people had one Philips factory laid on a big garden party in the grounds with a large T.V for people to watch everything was free

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  1. Brogan family at Baird rows the Peter mentioned after the bonfire coronation was my uncle, his sister Lizzie was my mother they lived at 45 Bairds row (graighead rows real name) Peter sill living and blind his sister is 98 or 99 this year may 25th. Lives on hill house road burnbak.

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