1925 – 1928 Hunthill Road Playtime

1928 Hunthill Road (PV)

1928 Hunthill Road (PV)

How much things have changed in almost 100 years. This photo dates between mid 1925 – 1928 and predates the upgrade of Hunthill Road and Bardykes Road in 1929. Likely just a few years earlier, two wee boys sit out on the road at the kerbside, playing contently, knowing they would have PLENTY of time, if a passing horse and cart or early singular vehicle turned up.

The location looks southwards towards High Blantyre, the houses on the right still in existence today bordering on to the Calder woodland. The little weaver cottages were still thatched in this era, and as you can see beautifully whitewashed and well kept. A gas lantern stands in the foreground. The photo encapsulates the innocence of play at a time away from gadgets and indoor games and I think summarises nicely , the apparent tranquility of our secondary streets at that time.

What a stark contrast to busy Hunthill Road of today, with its constant flow of vehicles from morning until night. Thanks to Gordon Cook for the high resolution image this was initially taken from.

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