1905 Weighing Machine High Blantyre

1905 High Blantyre Main Street (PV)

1905 High Blantyre Main Street (PV)

Pictured here in 1905, is High Blantyre Main Street looking westwards in a photo taken by my second great grand uncle, David Ritchie. All the buildings in this scene have now been demolished, as has the railway bridge at the back. Craigmuir road leads off to the left and beside it on the boundary of the main street was an entrance to the Station.

This photo serves to illustrate a few recent findings about this area and this era. I was recently told that the entrance to the station (shown on the left of the photo) had massive, heavy iron gates. When they opened, it created a space between the railings and posts at either side. One day, a child was standing at this location and when the gates closed, the gap he was standing in, closed over too, crushing the boy!!

On the right is an entrance to the saw mill, just beyond the three storey buildings. This was the Adam Brothers Sawmill. Whilst researching them, I found out that the little square wooden building to the left of their entrance (pictured on the right of this picture at the end of the pavement) contained a Weighing Machine for the timber and other materials leaving their extensive yard. The weighing machine is clearly marked on old maps by the symbols, “W.M”

1910 Adams Sawmill Map showing "WM", the Weighing Machine. Main Street.

1910 Adams Sawmill Map showing “WM”, the Weighing Machine. Main Street.

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