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Calderside Row, High Blantyre

Calderside Row was a former single storey row of stone built, terraced homes, at Calderside, High Blantyre. Background    In July 1850, Mr. William Young, farmer and owner of Calderside Farm put his farm and all 177 acres of farmland up for sale. Within the advert of 19th July 1850 in the Glasgow Herald, it was […]

1950 MacFarlane Family Visit

Answering a knock at her door one evening in October 1950, Jean MacFarlane of 55 Craig Street, Blantyre received the happiest surprise of her life. Standing on the doorstep were her 2 daughters Helen and Anne, who live in Toronto, Canada and her 3 year old granddaughter Patricia, whom she had never met before. The […]

Blantyre Works Farm (Mill Farm)

This photo was shared with me from Alex Rochead via Louise Forrest. Pictured is Blantyre Works Farm, although Louise had referred to it, whilst in discussion with Alex, as Mill Farm. I’m unsure of the date, but clothes styles look 1940s. (Update: David Forrest has since stated its 1936) The Mill Farm reference is appropriate […]