Patrick, Downies & MacFarlanes

1911 Blantyre Patrick's Family wmThank you to Norma Marr for sending this nice photo and incredibly the envelope and letter still intact from 1911. Sent to relatives in Canada, this photo features High Blantyre families from that year.

The people are known to have lived in the Auchentibber area and are part of Normas ancestry line. From left to right are Frances MacFarlane, Frank MacFarlane, James Downie, Margaret Downie Patrick, Mrs Patrick and John Patrick with his pipes. The wee boy is one of Frances’s sons.

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Janet Cochrane Most likely taken at Calderside

Norma Lawrence Marr I agree with Janet Cochrane — I think the Patricks lived at No. 3 and the Downies at No. 1.

The Blantyre Project Norma – incredibly, i have a family connection to the MacFarlanes of Calderside. My cousin is married to a close relative of the family there. It means you and I do appear on the same family trees, albeit a very distant connection!

The Blantyre Project i feel like i’m starting to know the Patrick and Downie families from this time! lol

Norma Lawrence Marr Oh my gosh, you made me laugh — we are kinda cousins — a new category family history researchers!! What a journey!!

Janet Cochrane If my memory is correct this is No 3 and No 4 they were right in the middle of the six houses. There was no running water in the houses and the tap to collect your water from was right in front of them. The first two No1 and 2 had already been made into one house when I was small

Norma Lawrence Marr I have an older image where I can make out all six entrances to the houses and then a later colour image where it looks like two units have been combined. I find this all so interesting. I can not imagine running a household with no running water.

Janet Cochrane I have been thinking about the little boy I think it was probably Robert I think he would be born about 1907
Below is the inscription from another grave In loving memory of our dear daughter Francis Patrick who died 2nd May 1911 aged 6yrs also or dear son Edward Patrick who died 28thJan1916 aged 2 yrs also our dear son Alexander Patrick who died 2nd Sept1940 aged 20yrs MacFarlane in memory of Alexander MacFarlane with deepest sympathy from his fellow workers
Every MacFarlane seems to have Patrick as their middle name.

Norma Lawrence Marr They were so young, so sad — Frances (in the picture) would have been my great aunt. Am I related to you?

Janet Cochrane It is possible as my 4x grandmother on mother’s side was Marion Patrick also my granny my mother’s mother was friendly with your gran. If you look on The Blantyre project website and look for Calderside and the Marshalls you will see pictures of our family. Also look for Craigneith that was just down the road also look for friends of Calderglen and you will see photos of Calderwood castle which was just across the fieldm

Norma Lawrence Marr I will definitely take a look at the images. More research will be necessary but that is part of the fun. Finding out that Calderwood Castle was so close by is interesting because I know that my grandmother worked in the greenhouse there.

Joyce Mac Hi Norma, I think we are related, my dad was Edward Macfarlane who was Frances es son

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