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Colliery Closures, 1921

1921 saw significant pressures on employment of miners in Blantyre. On Saturday 2nd July 1921 a notice went up in the Craighead colliery reading, “This colliery will not reopen for work, but will be dismantled. No. 2 workmen who have their graith underground may lift this on Monday. No. 1 workmen will get theirs as […]

Dixons Pit 4 Collapse, 1921

William Dixon and Co narrowly avoided another major catastrophe in 1921, when the shaft of their Larkfield Pit 4 collapsed. The question arose immediately as to whether it was an accident or another outrage. That was the problem which mining experts faced when they examined the enormous havoc wrought at the Blantyre colliery, a task they […]

1978 Planting Larkfield Bing Trees

  Several people over the years have asked me about this, so hopefully this answers the question, “When were the trees planted at Larkfield Bing?” On Friday 10th March 1978, two councillors put their backs into it along with more than a little help from dozens of local schoolchildren, to make Blantyre a more beautiful […]