Arcade Concerns at Larkfield, 1980

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In December 1980, there was still the question of what businesses would move into the new flat roofed shopping units at Larkfield. Owner, Jaquib Ali came under fire from residents nearby when he announced he was planning on letting to an arcade company.

People were up in arms that gambling machines would be installed in the arcade, complaining that children and the unemployed may be attracted to them. Mr Ali told residents through a press release that he would not be installing gambling slot machines , but instead they would be entertainment machines, like space invaders and the like. This new form of entertainment was very much in demand. He added, “it would be highly unlikely to get a gambling license too.”

Teachers at Blantyre High were immediately concerned about the plans for a Blantyre arcade stating that it would lead to children staying out of school.

Can you remember this or even the subsequent arcade at Station Road?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Alan Dorricott I do remember the one in Station Road in the eighties. 10p to play most of the games.
Gordon Frew Was there not one in Calder St too? Next to the Pet shop? Or am I making that up
Margaret Smith Tyers Gordon Frew yea there was , did it not go in the pet shop or am I making that up
Frances KellyCsn Gordon Frew I remember the one in Station Road.
Drew Burnett Loved the arcade on Station Road when I was growing up. Had the old wire graphics star wars machine.
Blantyre Project “remember….the force will be with you….always”
Catriona Paterson Yes it was great fun, games machines it also had a Duke box if I can remember right.
Tom Law I remember station road. Run by a bloke called Alan from memory. Spent too much time there playing karate champ, side arms and Shinobi 🙂  Oh ….and sneaking into the puggies to gamble a few quid under age.
Mark Gallacher Aye remember the Station Road one. Honest Mum the money is to go swimming
John Cornfield John Yogi Hughes opened the 1 at Station Road if I remember correctly

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