Colliery Closures, 1921

1921 saw significant pressures on employment of miners in Blantyre.

1947 men at dixons 4

1947 6th January. Miners at Dixons 3 pit, Priestfield. (PV)

On Saturday 2nd July 1921 a notice went up in the Craighead colliery reading, “This colliery will not reopen for work, but will be dismantled. No. 2 workmen who have their graith underground may lift this on Monday. No. 1 workmen will get theirs as soon the water is pumped out.

This colliery has been working for about 48 years, and belongs to Messrs Williim Baird and Co. (Limited), and employed 350 men. Six weeks ago the shaft at no. 4 Blantyre Collieries, which belongs Messrs William Dixon (Limited), fell for good distance up the shaft, and the damage is considerable. It is stated that many months must elapse before the shaft can be repaired, and the 400 workers may not get started this year.”

By July 1921, dismantling proceedings to the colliery were taking place. The closure of the colliery and disruption in others also put significant stress on Blantyre Gas Company who could not that summer guarantee the supply of gas, until their depleted reserves of coal could be reinstated.

Pictured for illustration are miners of Dixons Collieries around 1947.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2019

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Betty McLean Hard times for people.
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