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1878 Earliest Blantyre School Photo

Pictures being sent in just seem to be getting better! Until recently, I thought the earliest Blantyre School photo was from 1886, but this one is a whole load earlier! Seen exclusively online here, it was shared by John Campbell, a direct descendent of the boy marked in the circle. This photo is from 1878 […]

High Blantyre Station 1930s

Our entire month of great new photos continues with this 1930’s scene of High Blantyre Station. The passenger service was still operating when this picture was taken of the western platform, looking north. How clean and tidy the platforms and station building were. Well kept, painted, maintained by L.M.S, clean and charming. The former railway curved […]

High Blantyre School

  It’s 141 years to the day since High Blantyre (and Low Blantyre Ness’s) Schools opened. This article though seeks to provide a detailed history of the High Blantyre School. The following article has taken some time to research, but I hope you find interesting. High Blantyre Primary School –The school was built from the […]