High Blantyre Station 1930s

Our entire month of great new photos continues with this 1930’s scene of High Blantyre Station. The passenger service was still operating when this picture was taken of the western platform, looking north.


How clean and tidy the platforms and station building were. Well kept, painted, maintained by L.M.S, clean and charming. The former railway curved out of the station , round behind High Blantyre School and over the railway bridge, you can see at the far right of the picture. You’ll see another straight railway running from left to right. This line was built in the 1880’s and was the line that went up and over the stone pillars at Greenhall.

This is all hard to imagine several generations “down the line”. The buildings you see were in Hunthill Road and I’m sure you’ll have noticed how prominent the bing is in the background.

I initially thought this was Dixon’s bing at Larkfield, but after checking the map realised that its much further away and to the north west. This means it is likely Bardykes Colliery, near Spittal. It should give everybody a good idea of just how prominent these colliery Bings were in Blantyre in the early to mid 20th Century.

(c) Paul Veverka

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Ray Couston A High Blantyre train station again which goes to East Kilbride, then Queen Street/Glasgow Central Upper via the Southside would be brilliant!

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