1961-62 High Blantyre School

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Thomas McGrail Ward shared his school photo here.

This is High Blantyre School on Hunthill Road, pictured in 1961-62. Thomas has a good memory and able to remember some names. 

Back row. Thomas Ward, Angus McIntyre, William Mason, Mathew Robson, Ian (Jim) Prentice, John Murning, David Wotherspoon, Woodford Russell, Stuart Williams and Lindsay Cunningham.

3rd Row.  Billy Johnstone, Clive Curtis, Jim Brown, Robin Spence, (From Canada.). Thomas Brown, Graham Carson, Douglas Russell, Billy McGregor, Jack Ashwood, Jimmy Glen, Robert Murning, Hannah ? Carruthers.

2nd Row. ? Helen Dale (rev. Dales daughter.) Mary? Springer,  Marylyn Young,  Christine Morley,  Jenny Walsh, Isobel Moore, Elizabeth Bennoch.

Front Row.  Robert Stewart, David Borden, Robert ? Hannah, Alex Cairns, Donald Muir,  David Burnett, Tom Dunsmore, Billy Harvey, John (Jonah) Coulter.

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Elizabeth Weaver Great photo! I knew Helen Dale and Elizabeth Bennoch.
Brian Weaver Elizabeth, is that Jimmy Jack to the left of Helen?
Catriona Paterson Una Mason Hynds is this your big brother in this Pic?
Elizabeth Golder Hughes Back row 3rd left William Mason xxx
Fiona McMillan Fiona Glen is this Dad? 3rd row 2nd from right Xx
Lynn Delaney Carole M Castle, you would have been there about this time?
Liz Johnson I am on the second row Elizabeth Morrison first on the left
Carole M Castle Lynn this is to old for me as Elizabeth Bennoch is in the photo and she’s a few years older than me I don’t recognise any of the names apart from Elizabeth Bennoch xx
Kevin Johnstone My Dad (Billy Johnstone) is in this. What a great photo.
Helen Williams Dizzie Lizzy, did you spot Stewart in this one
Christine Cassidy Remember there was Aileen Smart ,Joyce Paterson also in the class
Christine Cassidy Think I’m 7th on the left 4th on the right 2nd row ,need a magnifying glass ,did you see Tommy Ward 1st left back row lol x
Kaye Morley Thats who we thought, brian recognised tommy lol. You havent changed that much
Christine Cassidy Just got a lot older ,can I start again lol
Mary Morrison Yes I found him before you said, only because Davie told me about the photo. X
May Hamilton My young Brother front Row 3rd from the right Tom Dunsmore passed away 36 yrs old
Gay Frazier Lovely photo I went to Aucinrath School then Calder Street I lived in Timber town

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