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1919 Calder Street School

Schools out for Summer! Today, as Blantyre children end their school term and look forward to summer holidays, we look back exactly 100 years ago. This remarkably clear photo was shared to Blantyre Project by Kim Simmons who lives abroad. Pictured are the girls of Calder Street School along with principal teacher Mr Welsh on […]

Auchinraith Primary

This photo of Auchinraith Primary School was shared by Ian Lappin. Does anybody recognise the pupils in the photo. And who’s the teacher? Some teachers at the time of this photo at Auchinraith School were Miss Sinclair, Miss Rose and Miss Drennan. What’s the exact year? Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by […]

End of Auchinraith School

  Blantyre organisations were shocked in the first week of November 1979, to learn that the derelict building formerly the Auchinraith Primary School at the corner of Craig Street and Auchinraith Road, would NOT be turned into a community centre. Springwells Tenants Association and the Boys Brigade had been especially interested in using the school, […]

Blantyre RC High School

  In the late 1970’s the council’s proposed allocation of £2.5m to build a Secondary Roman Catholic High School in Blantyre, was causing some controversy. To understand this, we must remind ourselves first that the Education Act back in 1918, gave the Roman Catholic Church the right to ask councils to construct separate Schools for […]

Miners turn to School Strikes

  During the great miners strike of 1926, some of the striking miners in Blantyre turned their attention to a new tactic. By trying to get their children to strike from going to school! However, the proposed strike of Blantyre School children on Monday 4th October 1926, was later publicly proclaimed by the local miners as being a complete […]