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Bare Knuckle Fight

Two brothers-in-law named Andrew Clyde, miner, Netherfield Place, Blantyre, and Richard Murphy, miner, Glasgow Road, Blantyre, appeared before the Justices at Hamilton on Saturday 3rd March 1923, on charge of fighting. The Fiscal explained that the attention of the nearby police at Victoria Street had been drawn to a back field of Netherfield Place, where […]

Frank Markey, Blantyre Boxer

Pictured here in November 1933, is boxer Frank Markey (on the front left with hands in his pockets), at a weigh in at Dundee with boxer Jim Cowie. This was an important fight for the 1933 Scottish featherweight championship final. Unfortunately, Frank was beaten, but under controversial circumstances. Jim Cowie, Dundee, became feather-weight champion of Scotland […]

1934 Glasgow Road Dance Rammy

At Hamilton J.P. Court on Monday 10th December 1934, Robinson McCormack, a garage assistant, 8 Greenside Street, Blantyre, pleaded guilty to having, at a dance-hall at Glasgow Road, Blantyrc, assaulted John O’Neil, motor driver, Bellshill Road, Motherwell and committing a breach of the peace. The Fiscal heard how the said accused and some other men […]