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1988 Blantyre Highland Games

  Sanny McVicar handed in these excellent photos of the 1988 Blantyre Highland Games. Pictured is Andy and Hercules the Bear, as well as some of the strongmen competing in the various strongman challenges. Located in the large field behind Bardykes House, the games were popular each year attended by many thousands of people. Whats […]

1989 More Blantyre Highland Games

  These photos were kindly shared by Jim Cochrane and feature Hercules the Bear and trainer Andy Robin, at Blantyre Highland Games in Summer 1989. The games were in their 3rd year and Hercules was a star attraction, pulling big crowds for being well known at the time. The pictures show how strong Hercules was, […]

1989 Blantyre Highland Games

Run by Blantyre Round Table, the 1989 saw the 3rd annual Blantyre Highland Games in the fields at Bardykes, on the lower slopes behind Wilkies Farm. Jim Cochrane has kindly shared these photos here. Do you recognise anybody? Feel free to tag them. The stars that particular year were Hercules the Bear and various members […]