1987 Highland Games Poster


1987 Highland Games posterMy friend Alex Rochead showed me this photo, kindly sent to him from Sandy Wilkie. It is of course a poster for the much remembered, Blantyre Highland Games. A great little piece of Blantyre nostalgia. Sandy was of course directly and primarily involved in the Highland Games, which took place for the first time in 1987 at his property at Bardykes.

Sandy commented, “We had the print updated every year of the Games to include different attractions as they changed over the period. As a fundraiser, we always got the Chieftan and the main celebrities to sign the print then sold them to the public and Tablers to add to the funds.

The original that very first year, I bought from the painter, Harry Rankine, who used to own Weavers Gallery on Hunthill Rd.  They were done in pen&ink in Black then re printed  at a very much reduced price for us by John Reid the printer.  When Harry got the prints from John, he then washed them over individually with different colours to make them more attractive to sell. They were all numbered as Limited Edition Prints.”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Julia Davidson I remember this! All my dads own work 😍

Jane Clacy Hi Julia great poster remember me to your mum and dad

Karen Baxter Sandra Bruce & Alex Bruce

Andy Callaghan I was at the big tent on the farm in summer 1985 for the barn dance with my wife Kate, Annemarie and Walter Stewart, Gerry and Annemarie Thom and Jim and morag MacLennan we all had to sign and pay in a £1 note on the way in for a raffle.
The men left the dance to go to the west End bar to watch Barry McGuigan fight Eusebio Pedroza for the world flyweight title. While we were away the raffle was drawn and my £1 note was drawn with my name on it. The prize – £100, a fortune then.
Kate, who was 8 months pregnant with our fourth child went up to pick up the prize and was asked for proof of identity. She simply pointed to her very large bump and was paid out immediately.So we had a great night. But that was 85 so was the first Highland games not earlier than 87? Barry McGuigan won the fight by the way.

John Whitelaw I was at a BHG believe it or not Andy. With my mate from EK and his girlfriend also EK and her pal from Blantyre ( sadly now deceased). I started a long term relationship in 1988 so I’d say the games I was at were any one of 85, 86, or 87. My recollection is that it was near where Tom Shearer now stays in Callaghan Wynd!! 😲

Moyra Lindsay Missed you again we were there too!

Andy Callaghan Damn, Moyra, I’d have bought you and Don a drink off my winnings.

Michael Connor I was there

Lesley Bethel They were fantastic!! Remember seeing Hercules the bear, I think in 1986. Pauline Weidner I remember going to this

Alex Bruce Mines better 😃

Karen Baxter Sure was!….. and we have the original not a copy 😂

Andy Mckinnon I remember one hanging in the West end bar lounge when Nan had the bar. Always admired the art work even as a wee guy. Loved the Highland games too 😁

Sandy Wilkie Prior to the Games in ‘87 and into the late ‘90’s there were the Bardykes Horse Shows and the Donkey Derby plus the BBQ and dance in the evening.

Fiona Mitchell Gebbie Went too all of theses with my dad Michael Mitchell who worked for Sandy for a good few years.

Lizann Cunning Dingwall I remember going there with you Fiona Mitchell Gebbie lovely times

Alice Stewart Westend bar has a copy too

Stephen Anderson Joey Peachy Campbell I seem to remember you taking part in these lol

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