Blantyre & District Round Table


16143773_1318918978168108_7224688841914321477_oBlantyre & District Round Table – The local community organisation for men, formed in 1974 and continued until the early 1990’s. As well as all their charity work, arranging fetes and events, they are notably remembered in Blantyre for their large-scale community event, which was the Blantyre Highland Games, which ran for 3 years between 1989 and 1991 in the large fields behind Bardykes Farm.

The organisation was part of the larger National Round Table movement and Blantyre was registered Organisation 1151 in Area 51. Their aims were to develop the acquaintance of young men through the medium of their various occupations, to emphasis this involvement represented an excellent way to service the community, to cultivate the highest ideas in business, professional and civic traditions, to further the peace and goodwill in international relationships, to further those objectives through meetings, lectures and other activities.

Chairmen, in chronological order were Matt Carney 1974/75, Brian McKenzie 1975/76, Dave Stimpson 1976/77, Robin Douglas 1977/78, Neil MacLure 1978/79, Ron McLelland 1979/80, Callum Stewart 1980/81, Pete Walker 1981/82, Bob Slater 1982/83, Ron McIntosh 1983/84, Iain Produfoot 1984/85, Ken Jack 1985/86 and William (Bill) Houldsworth 1986/87. Other members included Sandy Wilkie, Russell Smith, Chris Hogg, Jim rochead, Alan Reardon, Gordon Leckie, Pat Dempsey, Gerry Thom, Ian Currie, Kevin Dooley, Ronnie MacKintosh, to name but a few.

In 1988, members formed part of 3 individual committees, each with specific goals and targets, which allowed focus on each by these small groups.

The ‘Ways and Means’ Committee was Gordon Leckie (Convener), Gavin Wiseman (Liason Officer Bearer), Gerry Thom, Alan Reardon, John McCrory, Douglas MacFarlane, John O’Donnelly, Alan Greenhorn and Kenny Downs.

The ‘Community Service’ Committee comprised of Alex McPherson (Convenor), Alex Calder (Liason Office Bearer), Iain Proudfoot, Bill Lovatt, Stuart Haughen, Sandy Aitchison, Willie Anderson and Lindsay Young,

The ‘Social & Entertainment’ Committee was Ken Jack (Convenor), Bill Houldsworth (Liason Officer Bearer), David Black, Ian Currie, Graeme Smith, Robert Dunbar, Tallibinder Lalli and Jim Rochead.

The Programme was organised by Jim Duffy (Convenor), Jim Henderson (Liason Office Bearer), John McCrory and Pete Walker. Memebership was arranged via Jim Henderson.

The Round Table formerly met in the small dining room at the front of the Parkville on Glasgow Road during midweek. They also at one time met in the Larkfield Hall and later in the Redstones Hotel in High Blantyre.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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