1910’s Bellsfield Farm Milk Deliveries

1910s Alex Craig at Bellsfield Farm

1910s Alex Craig at Bellsfield Farm

Dating from around the 1910’s, this previously unseen photo shows Blantyre milk deliveries taking place. Pictured is Alexander Craig and two milkmaids for his farm at Bellsfield, High Blantyre. The people stand holding milk jugs for delivering smaller quantities from the milk churns. The cart is clearly labelled although the exact location in unknown as rural areas like this could very well be built upon by today.

This is another photo from the David Ritchie collection, an early photographer from High Blantyre’s Main Street. Shared here from Alex Bowie with sincere thanks.

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Brian Weaver I used to ride that cart with my uncle David in the early 1950s and I am fairly sure that the location is just outside the stableyard when the horse has come to the end of her work for the day. The metal fence you can see behind the cart lined the drive back to the farm. The entrance to the farm was where Larkfield Drive leaves Main St today.

Jack Bethel I just came across an old Scottish tune (a reel) called The Milkmaids of Blantyre. It appears in several collections from the 1700’s.


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