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351 Glasgow Road Nursery Site

351 Glasgow Road in 1979 , adjacent to the start of Cloudhowe Terrace, once had a large nursery at the back of it. The former Bowie’s Nursery was the subject of much contention in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Hamilton District Council and an Edinburgh Housing Association got into a right pickle when attempting […]

Orwell, (Larchmont), 351 Glasgow Rd

Constructed: >1907<1909 Other Names: Larchmont Constructor: Gavin Semple Original Address: 323 Glasgow Rd House Type: Semi detached Current Address: 351 Glasgow Rd    Brief Summary: The final most western villa is ‘Orwell’ at 351 Glasgow Road, which is the other semi-detached side adjoining ‘Dunedin’ to the east. A large house, extended at the back, it […]