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Orwell, (Larchmont), 351 Glasgow Rd

Constructed: >1907<1909 Other Names: Larchmont Constructor: Gavin Semple Original Address: 323 Glasgow Rd House Type: Semi detached Current Address: 351 Glasgow Rd    Brief Summary: The final most western villa is ‘Orwell’ at 351 Glasgow Road, which is the other semi-detached side adjoining ‘Dunedin’ to the east. A large house, extended at the back, it […]

Semple’s Land, (Dalzell Place), Springwell

   Born in 1838 in Strathaven, William Semple came to Blantyre in 1881 with his wife, Christina. As a stonemason by trade and employer of others, you may recall from earlier in the book, around that time he built and sold Welsh’s Land to John Welsh. You’ll see from this chapter that later on in […]