351 Glasgow Road Nursery Site

351 Glasgow Road in 1979 , adjacent to the start of Cloudhowe Terrace, once had a large nursery at the back of it. The former Bowie’s Nursery was the subject of much contention in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Hamilton District Council and an Edinburgh Housing Association got into a right pickle when attempting to take ownership of the land. Hanover Housing wanted to build 40 private flats for old people in Blantyre and by November 1979, already had planning permission for the homes. They also had funding ready and had all but secured the sale of the land from private owners over to themselves.

However, the plans were abruptly halted with Hamilton District Council decided they wanted to build their own council run Sheltered homes and tried to buy the land using compulsory purchase order. Hanover’s interests do seem to have been putting Blantyre in consideration, when at the thought of losing their venture, they decided to offer 20 of the homes , if built over to the council, for nothing.

However, the council were intent on building and letting all the homes themselves and refused Hanovers offer, pursuing the purchase of the land by CPO. It was part of their 5 year plan. Homes for people with special needs were indeed built at that location some time after, and private developers Loretta much later in the 90’s acquired the remaining portion of the land for their own private homes.


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Mary Sitters 351 is the “magic” number in our family. Family home here in Adelaide was 351. Mam and Dad lived at 327 Glasgow Road in the 1930’s.

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