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An Archive of useful Blantyre maps from different time period

An extensive collection of Blantyre maps from different time periods

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1910 – Map of Blantyre. Another favourite map set of mine. The population explosion was changing the face of Blantyre by the decade and this pre WW1 map, is a marvellous record of what was going on. The growth of collieries, the grand homes and introduction of sporting grounds like playing fields and curling.

1914 – Geology Maps of Auchentibber and Calderwood showing strata, mine workings, quarries etc.

1938 – Maps of Blantyre. A very detailed and highly accurate map set constructed just prior to WW2. This map is great as it confirms the recollections and placement of buildings , recalled by more senior generations. I’ve found this map very helpful when researching items, if only to show how Blantyre had changed in the first half of the 20th Century.

1947 – Blantyre Aerial

Ordnance survey map of Kirkton
1971 garage

1972 Russian Cold War Map (don’t ask me how I got it!). Major routes are shown in orange, yellow highlighting population density. It is not very accurate and I suspect created from high altitude recon during the cold war years. It is strange to see names being marked in Russian though.

2014 – Some local maps of modern times, including a coal Authority map of areas of Blantyre at risk. I have to say the Internet and Google Earth means I never use modern OS maps. I think Google Earth will replace OS maps completely within this decade. When using Google Earth as an illustration on researched articles, I like to mark it up to put the map into the exact context.

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