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An Archive of useful Blantyre maps from different time period

An extensive collection of Blantyre maps from different time periods

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1860 – Calderwood Glen Reconstructed by Chris Ladds. This shows the historical features once partly in Blantyre, partly in East Kilbride. A very worthwhile map created by Chris to reconstruct what was originally there.

1877 – Railway map. An excellent map showing the Industrial railway routes carving through Blantyre at a time of huge population growth. Underground Dixons Map

1879 – Dixons Pit 1 explosion

1879 Dixon's No. 1 underground

Dixons 1 1879 disaster

Railway map. An excellent map, showing Railways now being connected from Blantyre to East Kilbride and beyond. Additional railway spurs and sidings being built throughout Blantyre to cope with the growing infrastructure requirement.

1898 – Map of Blantyre. Another favourite map set of mine. I’ve found this map to be extremely accurate and in great detail, clearly marking out Blantyre’s hamlets and buildings. Outbuildings like sheds, shelters, washhouses can be seen as well as steps, indicating if a building was more than 1 storey. This important map for Blantyre also records several streets no longer there. I have marked up some squares to put things into a modern context.

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