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An Archive of useful Blantyre maps from different time period

An extensive collection of Blantyre maps from different time periods

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1583 – The oldest known map of Blantyre. This was kindly scanned to me by staff at Hamilton Library. It is a rare, medieval Lanarkshire map, including Blantyre.

1654 A good map of Lanarkshire & Glasgow. Whilst some of the positioning is a little out, this Blantyre map records the old names of various places, including some now lost in our town. Courtesy of National Library of Scotland. You can see how the various fields later gave names to the areas and even streets.

1747 – An Excellent military map of Blantyre – a copy of this map was purchased by our family during the 1980’s. In high resolution, this important map is detailed and I have found, accurate. I’ve subdivided it for relevance. Man made objects are shown in red.

1795 – Map of Millheugh, Blantyre. I like this particular map which now had typed place names on them, making it easier to read. The buildings were shown in accurate positions and in black, making them stand out.

1816 – Map of Blantyre. The maps of this era were beginning to get more accurate. Nice icons were introduced for simple things like trees and again, place names are well recorded, many giving rise to the names we recognise here today.

1832 – Map of Blantyre. I’m less keen on these maps. They appear hurried and in not so much detail as even the 1822 maps. Still, it is worth showing and serves as a good record for that decade.

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