Blantyre Aerial Photos

An Archive of useful Blantyre maps from different time period

A superb collection of Aerial images of Blantyre from different eras

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Blantyre from above

1898 -Map overlays from 1898 combined with 2015, marked up by Blantyre Project

1944 Priory Colliery Slip into the Clyde. This slip looks likely to have covered an alleged culvert (or tunnel) rumoured to have crossed the Clyde at this point.

1945 – Aerial Photos taken during World War II. They show just how rural Blantyre still was.

1950 Craighead. Forrest Street and John Street. These Aerial Photos were taken by recon planes, mapping post WW2 Britain. Blantyre Prefabs.

1955 – Thanks to Gordon Cook for these Aerial photos. I have marked up some for demonstration.

1964 – Aerial of Causeystanes

– An aerial photos showing Blantyre from above

 An Aerial photo celebrating the new East Kilbride Expressway

1992  Aerial Photos of High Blantyre showing the demolition of Parish Church Halls at Main Street and the expanding Priestfield Cemetery.

2003 Aerial Photo of Kirkton showing just how green High Blantyre still is.

2010 – Aerial Photos of Low Blantye & Stonefield from Google Earth.

2012  Google Earth is a fantastic tool to be used for history. Its great to mark up modern Aerial photos showing what used to be there instead. These map squares are  marked up for some of my research. Milheugh Estate. Greenhall Cupmarks. David Livingstone Centre. Site of Greenhall Farm at Crossbow.

2013 – Google Earth aerial photos of Blantyre. In particular, Priory Plantation, Clyde Bridge & Blantyreferme, Milheugh and Blantyre muir.

2016 – Aerial photos by Adam Bush

Results: 73 map squares

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