1990’s Stonefield Public Park

This photo was taken in the late 1990’s or 2000’s at Stonefield Public Park. Looking over to the homes at Station Road. Shared here by Robert Gordon.

I have no notes on the artwork monument pictured on the left. When did that appear? Is it still there? I can’t remember paying much attention to this. What is it representing? Coal? Who paid for and placed it?

On Social Media, a few answers and comments came quickly in:

Andy Mckinnon: The standing stones were part of an art project funded by the social inclusion partnership (SIP) that was supposed to be the first of many. They were designed by a sculptor named Rob who designed the mosaics with local young people in terminal one. The stones were cut and hand picked (Caithness stone) in Wick quarry (early 2000 not 90’s). I actually went with Rob and Jason Weidner to Wick to film and document the process. Each stone points to each other in the park and the art work on them represents the African connection with David Livingstone. It was an amazing process and I was very proud to have been part of it. Pity the rest of the sculptures didn’t happen as it would have made the public park an outdoor gallery.

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