Little’s Bakers Ink Stamp

When I saw this little piece of Blantyre nostalgia come up for auction, I just knew it was something I’d need to bid for. It was an online auction, and I won at an acceptable fairly low price!

So, I’m now the owner of “Andrew Little’s Bakery ink stamp.” This handheld wooden stamp, has a rubber inlay printed with Little’s Bakery details. Embossed with the address of 200 Glasgow Road and promotional details, this would have been very useful for invoices, delivery orders and on packaging.

I’m not sure how old this is but it could be anything from the 1930’s right up to the 70’s. It makes me wonder just how many times this was used. Many thousands of times, I’d guess!

On social media, the following comments were provided by readers:

Carol King Was that on paper bags? What a lovely find

Sandra Goodall Did you get the recipe for the rolls too lol

Ethel Hunter Every Sat we bought 8 potato scones ready for Sun breakfast. Best ones ever!

Ann Higgins Crossar Brilliant find Paul…’ll need to open a Blantyre Museum soon

Margaret Bordon Wow we always got our rolls from Little’s

Alan Baird eddie collins made right good rolls too as did oor wullies in high blantyre

Matthew McGuigan What an amazing find Paul! Only thing better than a little’s roll was a little’s roll with one of their hot pies inside

Paul McLauchlin Everyone I know that remembers the old baker’s shops in Blantyre raves about Little’s rolls.

Isobel Cameron My mum Jessie Cameron nee Smith work there mid 70’s. Very happy memories of those times.

Betty Brown I lived above the shop

Anne Marie Murray Mr Little now stays in Hamilton we are friends with his daughter Jane. I am sure they would be happy it is part if Blantyre history..

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