As P7 pupils this week said goodbye to primary school, many pupils are looking to transition to the “big school” in August. Blantyre man Stephen Welby still has his old blazers from 1970s High Blantyre Primary School and 80’s Blantyre High School! Complete with their sewn on logos and his various collected badges!

Anybody else got theirs from childhood?!

On social media, the following comments were provided by readers:

Elizabeth Kennedy I loved that burgundy and sky blue uniform!

Traci Smith God brings back many memories even remember getting the belt in 1st year as we were going into music class our teacher wasn’t in so someone came up the bright idea to go and look for him when we came back we sat down in our seats only to be told to stand outside and we were all given the belt because we didn’t apologise for being late

Karen Brearton That was my Blantyre High School blazer loved the colour and the badge

Karen Paterson Geeso, that takes me back

John Queen refused to wear it LOL got sent home / suspended quite a few times for not being in uniform

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