Classroom ‘Huts’

“Temporary” school huts. St Joseph’s, Livvies, Blantyre High…..any other schools?

I use the term “Temporary” very loosely…….what’s your memories of spillover, modular classroom “huts”?

On social media, the following comments were provided by readers:

Margaret Stewart Calder st high school had these huts in the 60/70s. They were situated across from the school, where the modern flats are now . The site was where the old library was. They were really cold in winter and too warm in summer.

Joe Allan Had them John Ogilvy back in the day

Ste Mcgowan I remember the old wooden ones in Ogilvie done science in one

Lynsey Fojut We had huts in Blantyre high until maybe 98/99 when they built the new sports hall. Was only ever in them a few times for classes. Remember being being crawling with spiders and terrified me. Remember they had 2 huts (4 class rooms) in David Livingstone but the 2nd hut was burnt down one weekend but stayed there for ages afterwards. We were in the huts in P4. Had a great time in them. There was a massive room between the 2 rooms we could play in. We had a robot thing we could program and send between the 2 classes.

Keith MacLean High Blantyre Primary in 1970s Old School Building.Before move to Broompark Road.

Alan Baird aye there was a kind of semi detached job next to the gym halls at the top of the wee football pitch.

Andrew Proctor My mum Mary Proctor taught in the huts in Livvies 26 years ago.

Karen Gallacher I remember them in davie livies think it was p4 or p5 with Mrs Doyle

Lorna Valentine St Blanes had them for Music.

Scott Jackson Still got them at Newton farm primary just more up date.

Jeanette Allardyce Ward Remember my class being in these at Davie Livies

Stephen Allan I remember the huts at David Livingstone Primary

David Jones St Blanes had wooden ones that were there for years. They were freezing.

Stephen Patrick I grew up in the USA, and we had these everywhere. We called them trailers.

Michelle Milligan Sasso I remember music lessons in the huts at John Ogilvie…playing the recorder

Angela Mary Mc Glynn Elmwood in Bothwell had them too.

Jo Kelly St Blanes had them when iw as there in the 80s.

Christian Henderson Blantyre High,we had registration class in the huts

Catherine Murphy I remember the huts in St Joseph’s in 1955 I think we moved to St Joseph’s primary in1957 the huts were freezing.

Ste Mcgowan Called them them “the sheds” at Ogilvie back in the 90s old wooden huts done science in one for years

Linda Gourlay Auchinraith primary school had to huts, but they werent temporary at all

Paul Murphy St Blanes had huts right behind Shuggy Hendrys shop

Gord Fotheringham Remember them well….in the 50s we had a male teacher who gave one of the guys a hard time…he was a teddy boy…the kid went home at lunch and told his big brother..(boxer) you never seen a person run the way he ran

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