Merry Christmas Everybody

I’d like to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and thank you to all 14,503 people subscribed and who follow Blantyre Project posts so avidly here each day.  Your continued support drives me on and keeps me highly motivated.

As always, I’ve learned so much about Blantyre this last year reading all your wonderful comments and keeping me on an accurate path. I sincerely appreciate all your input in what was clearly a difficult year for all of us. Receiving messages saying how much people were looking forward to daily posts during lockdown, made me feel I was doing my bit to help.

I’m extremely proud of the continued commitment and effort to this page and you may be interested to know, this is something I plan to continue doing for many years. I get an incredible amount of enjoyment in posting about Blantyre and even more so knowing every fact is being recorded in encyclopaedia volumes, for later publication. It’s become more than a hobby. The fact its helped raise money for community good causes, is just the “icing on the cake!”  

2020 saw me gain a new, demanding job, a focus of my life this last year. As a key worker, I found myself not furloughed, but instead committed to the tasks of keeping household water taps turned on during lockdown. (You wouldn’t believe the amount of work that goes on in the background to ensure our water is of the most excellent quality and that the waste we produce in households is removed efficiently and treated. It’s something we easily take for granted). I’m pleased to have found time each evening to schedule quality history posts in advance, well into the future and daily content will continue for a long time to come. There was even time for a book! ‘Blantyre People’ book continued to sell well, a publication I’m extremely proud of and has helped many community organisations financially since it went on sale.

I’ll be posting at New Year about what topics will be covered here in 2021.

Meantime, from Blantyre Project, (that’s me…Paul Veverka), no matter where you are in the world, I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. Peace, warmth and happiness to you all over the festive season.

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  1. Paul…. all the best of the best and my sincere thanks for your devotion to Blantyre. What a wonderful gift.

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