Craighead School, Harvest Festival 2008

Craighead School at one time was the largest Special needs School in Scotland with over 400 pupils. However, by 2008, in its final years pupil numbers and declined.

On Friday 10th October 2008, the pupils and teachers of Craighead School held their annual Harvest celebration.

The pupils had been planning this special day since the term start in August, around the time of invitations going out. They worked hard to dress the small and large halls for the celebration. Pupils did a lot of home baking in Home Economics classes. They made scones, shortbread and fairy cakes. Others designed the invitations, assembled the presentation food boxes and made a Powerpoint slide show. The small hall was for the coffee morning.

Guests arrived at 10am for the coffee morning. They were a group of lady pensioners from Blantyre Baptist Parish Church accompanied by minister Steve Younger.  The pupils diligently served them with coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits. Everyone chatted and enjoyed the food. At break time the teachers came to be introduced to the guests.

By 11.05 when they went to the large hall, they were all feeling very full! Mrs Scott opened the assembly with a Welcome address, followed by Rev. Younger who said the Opening Prayer for harvest. They all stood up and sang hymns.

The event then showed a harvest presentation in Powerpoint.  It was about harvests from around the world: for example, paddyfields in China, pumpkins from the U.S.A, sugar cane from the Carribean and strawberries from Europe. It was narrated using recordings all the pupils had made, a fitting end to a thankful celebration.

With thanks to former Craighead teacher, Katrina Owens for the photos and commentary.

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