Craigheads 60th Celebration

I’ve not written much about the former Craighead School on Blantyre Project, so it’s been great to get some information recently from a teacher.

Craighead’s 60th birthday was celebrated on Friday, August 29th 2008. By all accounts, it was a great day, full of surprises in the form of guests AND loads of different activities! Teachers and pupils started with a special lunch carefully prepared by their own unique dinner ladies.

Then they all went outside, and it didn’t rain. There were lots of things to do.

There was the high stiltman who could juggle and was very funny. He had trouble getting through the corridors though! There were loads of activities outdoors including inflatables and making giant bubbles!

Loads of indoor activities too, then setting off 200 balloons into the air. They had a mega birthday cake because the whole school and many, many guests came along to enjoy the celebrations.  

There were so many guests: former head teachers, teachers, support staff, pupils, Hamilton Accies players, staff and pupils from new schools ( Hamilton Grammar, Larkhall Academy and Lanark Grammar) and councillors.

With thanks to Katrina Owens, former teacher of Craighead.

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