Glasgow Road Emporium, 1960’s

I promised you some great photos this week of the inside of some old Blantyre shops, so we’re going to kick things off with this one.

Who remembers the Emporium on Glasgow Road? This photo shows David Dixon and Alex Crawford working during the 1960’s. Hope this jogs the memories of a lot of people.

Built in 1954 by the Co-op, the Emporium was very much part of the series of Co-op Buildings in this location. It could also be accessed from the adjacent Co-op funeral parlour. It was to serve Blantyre well. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, it sold furniture, ornaments and haberdashery, ladies, men and children’s clothing and was the place to go to get school uniforms.

As this picture shows, by the 1960’s, the upstairs also sold vinyl records, radios and radiograms. Whats YOUR memories of the Emporium? Anybody else work there? What did you buy?

Going back inside more Blantyre old shops tomorrow…

With thanks to David McIntosh.

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