Walter Batters Receipts

A couple of receipts from none other than Walter Batters, the furnishing, ironmongers, china merchant and seedsman.

These receipts were for items David McIntosh bought in 1971 and in 1980, the Batters family clearly still using the same receipt registers. Looking at the numbers 23001 and 16492, it is possible that this could mean Batters sold 6,509 items to customers for cash in that 9 year period!

Whether it was some steel tape or a padlock costing £3.96 in 1980 (must have been a good one!), Batters at 144 Glasgow Road was the place to go for hardware.

What’s YOUR memories of Walter Batters shop?

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  1. My memory of the ironmonger in question,[ Which is still very clear ] would be in the late forties early fifties.I had to take our accumulator [lead acid battery] for the wireless[radio] in to be recharged. I needed this to listen to radio Luxembourg on Sunday nights.p.s. thanks for the reminder of simpler times,You and I David have travelled a long road since then,thank you for helping keep it real.

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