1984 Robertsons of Springwell

I”m looking forward to writing in detail about the north side of Glasgow Road. All the way from Burnbank and the Parkburn westwards to Priory Bridge Housing Estate. Lots of great photos to illustrate those articles, I’m intent on writing a Glasgow Road sequel book to complete the history of every business and building to have existed on that north side.

For now, here’s one building which will be getting explored a lot! Robertsons of Springwells. The ginger factory! A major source of employment in Blantyre for over 110 years, I’m positive there will be people reading this who worked there. This photo dates from 1984.

What’s YOUR memories of Robertsons? Did you work there? Any stories that could be added to the book? Can you describe inside?

With thanks to G Hay for this photo.

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