Jessie & Kate Ritchie, 1904

This photo is previously unseen online and I believe was taken at former houses at School Lane in High Blantyre. As with other recent photos on Blantyre Project, once again it’s the girls of the Ritchie family. Knowing Jessie Warnock Ritchie was born in 1896 and little Kate was born in 1902, I’d say this photo was around 1903 or 1904.

The Ritchie family at that time lived at School Lane and with a growing large family there are some indications even in this photo that space was tight at the Ritchie household. Beside the table in the kitchen, to the right is what looks like curtains on a recessed bed.

The Ritchie family in the immediate following years moved to one of the new stone houses at Broompark Avenue.

Their father David was an accomplished joiner and I have to wonder if he made some of the household furniture. In their cabinet, lots of books on display. The girls did well for this photo for they would have had to stand still for some time for the exposure to remain in such clarity.

A little (wonderful) snapshot of Blantyre life , some 116 years ago.

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