Robertsons of Blantyre

David Brown submitted this photo although is not sure of the names of the couple. Connected to Robertson’s of Springwells, Blantyre, perhaps ex staff can enlighten us who they are? Is this the Robertson owners? Photo looks late 60s, early 70s.


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Christine Wellman Oh my… this photo is Mrs Wares with her husband (Wares of Hamilton,movers). I had the distinct pleasure of working in the Robertson’s office from 1960 – 1966. I started as office junior at age 15….. oh no, that was 60 years ago! Mr Alex Robertson had just died when I started and Mr David (as he was called) was the owner, but the powerhouse at Robertson’s was Mrs. Wares. My life-long ethic toward doing a job right, is attributed to her! Robertson’s was a family. To this day I can still recite the 10 Vanmen’s names; one of them was Jock Shaw who lost an arm in WW1, but could swing a case of 24 ginger bottles onto his shoulder with one hand. His vanboy was Tony Brown.
Tom McGuigan I worked in Robertsons too, in late 70s. I noticed that the Boxes say Robertson’s of Blantyre, not Springwell. They celebrated 100 years in 1970, maybe this was a celebration?
Christine Wellman addition to above: My maiden name was Galloway and Mrs Wares chose me to be the “Robertson Girl” as part of the launch into Paisley! Photo approx 1963. Thank you for taking me down Memory Lane!

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  1. Man woman in picture is Mr Mrs Weir he was sales man she was Mr MC Donald secratery

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