Robertson’s Staff Night Out

1970 Robertsons of Springwell 1

What a fantastic photo this is, not just showing the interior of the former Hastie’s Farm but for showing a happy, night out amongst friends and colleagues!

This was a Robertson’s of Springwells staff night out, the ladies all enjoying some downtime at Hastie’s Farm in 1973.  Do you recognise anybody in the photo? Perhaps you worked with some of these women at Robertsons? Whilst there’s a few wine glasses on the table, I’m sure I can spot a ginger bottle there too!

With thanks to David Brown for sharing.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Helen Grieve Jean McPhail seated second from the right.
Janice Brewster I recognise jean mcphail miss her
Valerie Krawczyk I’m sure that is May Shaw in the centre of the photo, wearing red
Liz Boxall Valerie .. thought that too
Jane Paterson Valerie Krawczyk it is May
Peter Flannigan Great picture so clear.
Janice Brewster I think you are right
Jeanette Lee Valerie Krawczyk yes that is May. Is that Sheena Laidlaw beside her in the yellow?
Valerie Krawczyk Sent this to May and she said it was her 21st, 1973
Blantyre Project Brilliant. will update timeline
Linda Gilmour Roberts Chrissie Wilson far left, an old family friend and neighbour, sadly no longer with us
Morag Airlie Also Jean mcphail on right hand side with maybe her sister?
Janice Brewster Your right Morag that’s her sister may
Liz Allan The girl behind May shaw I am sure helped out at Karen Roxburghs dancing cant remember her name
Leesa Marie The Girl in the green dress is my Mum Linda Sneddon. Greatly missed
Stephen Anderson Not really wine glasses, that’s what the Ladies were served their halfs in in those days.
Ray Agnew I was friends with May Shaw and Sheena Laidlaw. Haven’t seen them since leaving school! Great pic.


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