Lockdown Quiz 15: Where is this?

2000 Blantyre Miners Welfare

Today’s lockdown quiz. Where in Blantyre is this then?! Not looking like that now, the answer will be revealed tonight. With thanks to Gordon Cook for this photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kenny Kane The bowling pavilion behind miners welfare
Joseph Allan Bowling club Victoria street
George Hay Blantyre Miner’s Welfare outdoor bowling club. Was a member there with my Father for many years.
Alan Baird the old blantyre miners welfare bowling green
John Dunsmore Old outdoor blantyre bowing club my late brother in law Jim. Houldsworth was president for a year
Wendy Mackie Yes old outdoor Blantyre bowling ,where my dad was a president.
James Tonner think the gate gives that one away
Thomas Thomson Can someone inform me, why this fine old club has fallen into disrepair,As keen bowler some year’s ago all these facilities should alway’s be protected, especially when it come’s To miner’s Welfare’s, money can not buy tradition Or Heritage, I would be gratefull for any information
Jim McSorley Thomas Thomson hi Thomas, I don’t live in Blantyre anymore. I agree with what you said about tradition ETC. I am sure the club was established many a year ago to fall to development. My late mother played there and it was a smart tidy place. Sad indeed. Wonder if anyone saved the gate as a memory of once a fine place.
Martin Smith Jim McSorley im all for preservation, and as sad as indeed this is, but if theres no demand for it, whats to preserve, and for who? Who pays to preserve something no one wants anymore.
Tom McGuigan I remember playing football in the swing park on Victoria St. We managed to get over the fence and started a kick about on the bowling green. It was like playing at Wembley. Got chased eventually
Blantyre Project This is of course Blantyre Miners Welfare Bowling Ground.

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