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  1. Oh my goodness, this brought back some memories Paul. This was my home church, just visible on the left hand side of the picture. My grand parents never missed a Sunday, My Grandfather an elder, and he and my grand mother sang in the church choir, he being a rather amazing bass singer and she a soprano. They sometimes were called upon to do a duo in church. It had been my Mum’s home church her whole life as well, she a brownie leader as a young woman and went with the youth group to Iona to help restore the abbey there.
    Indeed I sent a photo of my Mum, as her sister’s bridesmaid, on the steps of the church which is on your website! It never looked as grey as this to me as a child, and I recall my God mother taking me by the hand to walk from sunday school down to the church for the service. I don’t recall the shops that I can see here, but I do recall Craig’s the butchers, a friend of my Grand fathers, he used to take us into the butchers on occasions when he felt like eating a bit of “silverside” which was dusted with some kind of spices and made the shop smell of spices rather than meat.
    I think there was also a “Clarke’s” shoe shop near by?? Although my childhood memories melding after all this time. The SCWS was also close by and I recall the big servery, the queues of people, the sawdust on the floor. My Grand father also had a friend, Mr Black, I think who was the baker?? When my Grandfather would take us for a walk he would call in on Mr Black who would delight us with a fairy cake paper with a toffee inside it. As children we thought it magic. thank you for sharing this shot, amazing what brings back memories!

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