1896 Ritchie Children

These little Blantyre faces are Lizzie, James and Minnie Ritchie. A photo as clear as can be but remarkably was taken in 1896, some 124 years ago!

Their father was David Ritchie, a master joiner and likely the person who took the photo. Their mother was Mary Ann Fleming. The parents married in Strathaven in 1888 before settling down in various places in Blantyre. The family lived at Broompark Avenue, School Lane and at Main Street.

Its difficult to imagine how different the world was then. Queen Victoria still on the throne, before cars on the roads and several years before trams even appeared in Blantyre. WW1 was still almost 2 decades away and Blantyre was very much, a mining village.

With thanks to Alex Bowie for sharing.

1896 Lizzie James & Minne Ritchie

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Joseph Allan Great pic
Helen Robb Out of curiosity Paul, any further information on what became of the kids as they grew up?? Xxx
Blantyre Project indeed! Ive a few pictures of them grown up and know little snippets about them. Will post in due course.
Margaret Mary OSullivan Wow! So clear. Always find photos like this strangely moving
Margo Clayton James was killed in ww1. His name is on the monument at High Blantyre cemetery. Lizzie and Minnie never married. Minnie lived to the age of 96. Lizzie I think died in the 1950’s.
Anne Cook Used to visit Minnie in Main Street with my Aunt (Anna Bell/ Cossar)!!
Lorna Hughes I had relatives living in High Blantyre possibly during 1890’s called Leishman I am a granddaughter to James Leishman who had 2 spinster sister Agnes and Lizzie(Elizabeth) they never married and lived in Springfield Place at the time
Marian Maguire Wow it’s so good to keep photographs like this, it’s part of Blantyre History.
Margo Clayton Katie, Minnie, Bob, Lizzie, Mary and Jessie Ritchie in the 1950’s


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