1977 Blantyre Co-op

1977 Co-op wm

Ah, the Blantyre Co-op on Glasgow Road. These photos from the late 1970’s show the shop on the south side of the street, n particular the Emporium, before it became The Clydesdale Bank. Who remembers shopping at this location?

1977 Co-op2 wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Catherine Morrison I sure do worked in the curtain dept was taught to measure and cut curtains great job
Mari Pollock Thompson Catherine Morrison me too but in Blackburn, Lancashire!
John McCourt I drove the furniture van, after working in the gents department , great times had in both
Mary Mcguire My friend Anna McLean worked there for years
Jeanette Allardyce Ward My mum worked in the ladies department in the 60s. Remember all this well at stayed in Priory Street. Remember waiting in the queue for bread during the bread strike in the 70s with my mum. The green shield stamps were given out at the grocers too. Good memories of all the old Glasgow Road. Shame it’s all changed x
Tricia Allan-Martin Brilliant memories in these comments. Makes me feel very nostalgic and homesick!
Anne Irvine Vague memories of the upstairs too. Was that where they sold the records?
Linda Gourlay I remember it well, does anyone remember THE CO-CHEQUE.. ???
Jane Maxwell My Mum Nettie McLaughlin worked there and Cathy Clarkin was upstairs Davie McIntosh was also there, l bought our first 3 piece suite from there. Great days.
Gord Fotheringham Bought all my 45 records from upstairs….Elvis was #1
Andy Callaghan Gord Fotheringham bought my first “45” there. Billy J Kramer “Bad to Me”. 6/8d (33p), a fortune.
John Daly They used to sell records upstairs (younger readers, ask your grandparents).
I was about 9 and off school ill. I persuaded my Mother to buy me a record when she was going down to the Co.
The record I wanted was called “Celtic, Celtic” and had just beenreleased.
Away she went and I sat with mounting excitement awaiting her return.
She came in the door and said, “They didn’t have your record, Son, but I got you this one”.
“I Left My Heart in San Francisco” by Tony Bennett.
Cheers, mam!

Isabel Mcneily Remember it well, Cathy Clarkin was my cousin. As for the co cheque’s I remember them well, even my mothers co-op number
Esther Boyd Bought a bed from them
Claire Isabella Bought my first vinyl record there for a friend’s 8th birthday. ABBA’s Waterloo
Betty Brown I worked in the drapery, and also the cleaner in Teddys
Gay Frazier I remember it well!
Jeanette Malcolmson I worked upstairs in the Emporium with Davy Dixon, David Mackie and Cecil Willis. I used to sell the records in the 60s. My friend Jenny Walsh worked in the office with Greta Ashbridge and a few others. Mr McMillan was the big boss, a lovely man. Many happy memories working there.
Nancy McFadden All I wanted from there was a red pair of platform boots and they cost 7 pounds 50

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