“A Smoke” by Joe Moore

Wilma Bolton has shared this brilliant poem by Blantyre man, Joe Moore which appeared in the Hamilton Advertiser on 19/4/1913.

“A SMOKE” by Joe Moore
There’s naething I like better,
When ma daily toil is o’er,
Tae get wash’d an’ tak’ ma supper,
Then I wander oot the door.
Tae view the scene’s o’ nature,
Or wae frien’s tae pass a joke,
Or maybe lie doon on the grass

An ha’e a pleasant “smoke.”

Some folk they canna staun the reek,
But I dinna think they ken,
That mony an honest workin’ man
In the pipe has got a friend,
But if they had been places like me,
Nae doot it wid provoke,
If yer oot without taebacca,

An’ cannot git a smoke.

My wife she often says tae me,
When sittin’ by the fire,
Yer jist like a locomotive
Or a lum new set on fire,
In fact it comes a habit,
An’ yer never happy “Jock.”
Unless we canna see ye

Thick obscured all roon wi’ “smoke.”

Next she’ll draw doon a’ the windows,
An’ throw open a’ the doors,
For tae gi’e her ventilation,
At the same time she implores,
For ony favour cant ye gang,
I’m nearly like tae choke,
An’ yer naething bit a nuisance,
Wi’ yer auld taebacca “smoke.”
I whiles peety our auld miners
When they’re in the fiery hole,
Whaur they gang tae look fur diamonds
In the shape an’ name o’ coal,
For when they leave us up abune,
Their pipe is kept in stock
An’ they’re deprived o’ privilege

In the pit tae hiv a “smoke.”

I like my pipe, without a doot,
But there’s yae thing a decline,
Its tae see oor risin’ generation
Sae matured in “Wild Woodbine.”
I’ve seen me try them at a time,
But faith I took a shock,
For tho’ I spent the day at them,

I couldnae get a “smoke.”

So I’ll now conclude this muse o’ mine,
For time it quickly flies,
I’ve got ta’ gang an’ work again,
So noo I’ll hiv tae rise,
An’ get things put in order,
Next I’ll put on the yoke,
But before I start a couplin’
I’ll require tae hiv a “smoke.” 
It’s wonderful to read auld poems over 100 years old, actually about Blantyre and its people.
I decided to look up a little information on Joseph Moore.  He was living at Annfield Terrace (on the site of the later market at Hasties) at the time he wrote this, although he moved shortly after to 254 Glasgow Road. This was an address he lived at for several more decades. It would appear his love of smoking never did Joseph much harm!
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