William and Margaret Wallace, 1915

Agnes Cook shared this lovely photo of her grandparents. William Wallace and his wife, Margaret Wallace nee Thomson. Taken during WW1, the photo is remarkably clear and of good quality despite being over 105 years old.

I’ve been able to research some details about them. William Wallace (hows that for a noble name!) was the son of Samuel Wallace, a gardener and Rachael McMillan. Margaret Gray Thomson was the daughter of Thomas Thomson, a stonemason and Lina Clydesdale Gray.

The couple married on 17th November 1915 in East Kilbride. William was 23 and stationed in a military camp, in training in Wiltshire, England. Margaret, younger at 19 years old lived at Calderwood Castle, North Lodge just off Stoneymeadow Road.

Getting a photo taken together was always a special time back then and I like to look for little details that sometimes get missed in old photos. Dressed finely, I can see Margaret was not only proud of her husband, but was going to some length to proudly show her jewellery too. A bangle, earrings, 2 rings and ladies watch all on display, perhaps bought as gifts by William to show his love for this pretty, young woman.

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Agnes Cook Thank you so much for this Paul. amazing
Blantyre Project You’re welcome
David Wallace Brilliant that you took the time to do this. Thanks and thanks to you Agnes Cook for sharing the photo in the first place
Blantyre Project Im happy to research any family for free wherever they are in the world, as long as there’s a Blantyre connection. Any person following Blantyre Project can request me to look into their family history here https://blantyreproject.com/question-archive/
Llynne Abraham Hi Paul, I’ve done some research into this branch of my family tree and discovered that William Wallace was actually born in Ireland on 8 March 1892: the son of Samuel Wallace and Susan Hanna, (she died in Ireland shortly after child birth). Rachel McMillan was Samuels second wife, marriage date 9 Aug 1895.
Andrew Fletcher Great to find out more info about gran and grandad
David Wallace And now I know where the Hanna in my middle name came from
Agnes Cook David Wallace and how your dad got his name George Gordon was their best man
David Wallace Agnes Cook I’d like to have more of this information cos I know very about our family history. Another Thursday lunch must be due
Agnes Cook Picture Given to me by Llynne Abraham
Amanda Scott Wondered where the United free east church was in EK and found this article

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