1977 Glasgow Road

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Who remembers David Fisher’s yard on Glasgow Road? Pictured here in 1977 beside former Clyde Cottage, this was situated at the corner of Stonefield Road and Glasgow Road. You can just about see the gable of Mickey’s Cafe de Royal  on the right.

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A busy action shot at the bottom of Stonefield Road, taken in 1977. The cobblers shop can be seen on the right. Looks like a ‘Robertson’s’ ginger delivery going on outside Mickey’s Cafe. It’s hard to imagine cars parking in that location now given how narrow the road it.

The whole location lends itself quite well to one day perhaps becoming a crossroads. If St Joseph’s hall was ever to be removed and rebuilt elsewhere, expanding this existing junction would have been ideal for creating a new entrance or road into the proposed Care Hub, avoiding some of the potential traffic and parking issues for Park Lane, Station Road and Joanna Terrace, which arose during recent planning consultation.

It’s worth a reminder that just 47 years prior to this photo, trams were still trundling past where that car is in the foreground.

What’s your memories of the bottom of Stonefield Road?

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